The veterinarian season

Most folks think of the last few weeks of each year as “the holiday season,” regardless of WHICH holidays you observe.

In our house, it’s the “veterinarian season,” as three of our four pets have their annual doctor visit and shots during this time.

When I got my cats (littermates) in 1999, I knew they were going to get, shall we say, expensive, as they reached their senior years. And when I got Toby in 2001, who also had a 1999 birthday, I knew I was REALLY in for it.

THEN I met Ed, who has a dog a year older than my three.

Friends, I might as well just deposit my December paychecks into our veterinarian’s bank account.

Look at these four faces, though.





Keeping them around for a few years longer will be worth it.

5 thoughts on “The veterinarian season

  1. Rebecca

    @Maggie — they are sweet kitties and dogs, aren’t they?

    @lceel — you make me blush

    @Colleen — true ‘nuf about the human “vet appointments.” Ha!

    And you guys? The vet called this morning. The thyroid test came back “suspicious” for both cats. So $65 more for each cat will tell us if one or both has thyroid trouble… It just. never. ends.


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