Happy birthday to Francis and to Gwyneth

Today is my nephew Francis’s fourth birthday.


Today is also Gwyneth Lawrenson’s first birthday.


Both were preemies.

Francis was born at just under 32 weeks gestation.


Gwyneth was born at 24 weeks, four days gestation.


I remember my fear when I heard my sister was in labor early. I remember the fear I felt when I heard that Tricia’s procedure to get trach and ventilate her had gone well, but that she was unstable and the baby had to be born right then.

And I remember how relieved I was when I heard that Francis was doing quite well. And the relief I felt when I read that Tricia and Gwyneth were both as well as could be expected.

I think Francis and Gwyneth should get married one day. O.k., not really.

But I’m so pleased they’re both here and doing well…

Happy fourth birthday, Francis. Happy first birthday, Gwyneth.

Photos of Francis by my sister or brother-in-law. Photos of Gwyneth by Confessions of a CF Husband.

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to Francis and to Gwyneth

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