Health update: mine and the dog’s


Because I like to start posts with a photo whenever possible and because my husband tells me no one needs to see a photo of my miserably raw nose, we’ll start with the dog’s health update.

The photo was taken late this afternoon. At a vet appointment, the vet confirmed what we’d been suspecting for quite a few days: Fox Dog is feeling MUCH better from his bulging disc. He has full range of motion in his neck, and his neck muscles, which were extremely tight 13 days ago, are completely relaxed. He is on restricted exercise for another week, and then he gets to do his regular routine. The vet said LITTLE walks would be good for him, so Ed took him and Toby for a quarter-mile walk right after the appointment.

As for me, apart from the requisite lingering sniffles and little cough — and from one freakishly horrid coughing fit each of the last three afternoons — I’m feeling much better from my cold. I’ll be heading out to the Blissdom conference bright and early tomorrow, as planned, but with a few extra “comfort items,” chief among them a box of Kleenex. 🙂 I had such a great time at Blissdom in October and I was so worried I’d be too sick to go. (This cold is the worst I’ve had in years.)

I’m sad to report that Ed is feeling a bit under the weather now, but is doing his best to fight off this crud. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. Since Fox is feeling better, maybe he can make Ed hot tea and chicken noodle soup while I’m gone. Hmmm…

3 thoughts on “Health update: mine and the dog’s

  1. Vixen

    Glad you are feeling well enough to enjoy Blissdom, it sounds like great fun. Also glad the pup is improving!

    Have a great time this weekend.


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