Daffodils and my blog carnival…

A couple of things…

1. Last week I blogged about the daffodils that are springing up everywhere in our area, a sure sign of spring. The next day, I got an e-mail from someone who had seen the photo on my Flickr photostream and wanted to put the photo on his blog that focuses First Daffodils all over the world. The blog post is here: First Daffodils in Athens, Georgia.

2. Two weeks ago, I announced my blog carnival on how people decided on the name for their blogs. I’ve Twittered a lot about it, but I’ve not mentioned it again here. AHEM. So here’s your reminder that My Blog’s Name (a blog carnival) is next Tuesday, March 3. Despite my relative lack of chatter about it on THIS blog, I’m really excited about hearing about everyone’s blog names, and I hope you’ll come. (I’ve heard a few of you wonder if your story will be “too boring.” There is no such thing.) Oh, and spread the word, too. Okay?

And that’s all I have for now. My life is fascinating! (How on EARTH did I manage to blog every DAY last year?)

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