My Blog’s Name — March 3, 2009

Welcome to the My Blog’s Name carnival where we’ll all share how our blogs got their name.

I’m your humble host, and I’m glad you’re here. If you’re visiting because of the carnival, welcome, and I hope you’ll look around. If you’re a regular, welcome, as always. 🙂 Now on with my story.

I had a Live Journal blog for awhile in the summer of 2003. You won’t be seeing that one. 🙂 For reasons I can’t quite remember, I stopped blogging in December 2004.

In the summer of 2007, I decided to start blogging again, also for reasons I can’t quite remember. When I got to the point in the Blogger set-up where I had to decide on my blog’s name, I chose Random Ramblings, mainly because I couldn’t think of anything else. (The stress, I tell you!)

My first clue “Random Ramblings” wasn’t the best name for a blog SHOULD have been the fact that the Web address wasn’t available, meaning someone else was likely already using the name. Sadly, I did not “get” the clue. So my blog’s name was Random Ramblings, and my blog address was (Reba is a nickname some friends gave me in college. It stuck, at least among that group of friends.)

In early 2008, I decided I wanted to move to Word Press and rename my blog. I knew enough by then to know that Random Ramblings would NOT cut it. But I already had what I thought was a good Web address and decided to make that my blog’s name.

And on January 31, 2008, Ramblings by Reba was unveiled. It’s still not the most EXCITING name, but if you’ve met me in real life, you know I come by the name honestly. And that’s perhaps the MOST important part of a blog’s name: that it FITS the blogger.

Now get to telling me YOUR stories. Don’t forget to sign the Mister Linky, so we can all come read the story of YOUR blog’s name, too. (Please link to your specific My Blog’s Name post, not to your main blog address.) I can’t wait to visit you!

9 thoughts on “My Blog’s Name — March 3, 2009

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  2. Carol

    Hi Rebecca, thanks for hosting this carnival! I have to run out now, but I can’t wait to read the different stories from everyone. 🙂

  3. kontan

    Visiting Annie I stumbled on your link and decided I needed to get out more, so here I am and playing in the My Blog’s Name Carnival. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Kat

    Rebecca – Great idea!! Thanks for hosting such a fun carnival 🙂 Mine isn’t super enthralling but it was a good idea for a post!

  5. Momisodes

    What a great idea for a blog carnival! I had no idea this was how you came up with your blog name. I wish I had an interesting story. I think my blog name just came to me after reading about “webisodes” online for mom moments. I thought, why not call them Momisodes 🙂

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