Gone swimmin’


When I blogged last Saturday, I mentioned that I was considering taking up swimming for exercise. Since then I’ve swum three times (last Monday, Wednesday, and today).

I’m swimming in a 25 yard pool. The first day I swam 5 1/3 laps (roughly 1/6 of a mile). The second day I swam nine laps, four of them with a kick board. Today, I swam nine laps, none with a kick board. Nine laps is 1/4 mile.

I’m not a great swimmer. My technique leaves much to be desired, and I do much better swimming on my back than on my stomach. I need to relearn that whole breathing only when my face is OUT of the water thing. Consequently, I’m scared to put my face in the water much, a problem I’ve not had since I first learned to swim as a preschooler.

A big reason I’d not swum much in the last 25 years is that I’m prone to ear infections (even when I’m not swimming regularly), and I was afraid. I found an ear plug that works (Mack’s Pillow Soft Earplugs, if you’re interested), but if those hadn’t worked, I would have kept looking. I’ve lived too much of my life not doing things I want to do because of fear.

Tomorrow, I’m taking the day off from exercise. (Two days in a row is about my body’s limit at this point. Swimming is kicking my BUTT!) Tuesday I’ll be at Curves. Wednesday I’ll be at the pool again, and I’ll buy the summer pass.

My goal is to exercise four or five times a week. I struggle with anxiety, and working out even 30 minutes at a time (the length of a Curves workout and how long I’ve been swimming), really takes the edge off. To kick it off, I exercised five times this week. Apparently, I’m making up for April when, because of illness and then surgery, I worked out only five times for the MONTH. This on the heels of my good month of working out in March. Such is life. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Gone swimmin’

  1. Danifred

    So, this particular entry has been up on my browser since the hour you posted it… apparently, I also need a way to take the edge off of my anxiety so that I can get some things done… like blog commenting 🙂
    My SIL just asked me last week to swim a triathlon portion of a race for my BIL because he is a horrible swimmer but wants to complete the rest of the race. Begrudgingly, I said I’d do it. I have all summer to “train” and I think I might be crazy. I don’t exercise and struggle with finding ANY motivation to do so. Looks like we’ll have swimming stories to compare this summer 🙂

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