“Blogging Iraq”: an account of real life in Baghdad

My friend Brad, a public affairs office in the Air Force, was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, last week. He’s started a blog, “Blogging Iraq.” Brad wants the blog to be about “what life is REALLY like” there, and he’s succeeding.

Since he’s been there, he’s blogged about everything from his flight from his supply stop into Baghdad and buying Burger King in the desert to the first sandstorm he experienced. I’m finding his stories about the “sandy beaches of Iraq” absolutely fascinating.

I asked him if I could share his blog address, and he readily agreed. He welcomes new readers in this post where he talks about when he’ll get to go home. (In that post, he also shows a video of him and a friend feeding some really hungry fish.)

As of this writing, you can only access the three most recent posts from the front page. You can access the rest of the posts by clicking on the “archives” link under the “subscribe” button in the right column. (Subscribe while you’re at it.)

He’s writing the blog so folks will read it, so feel free to blog about it yourself and tell your friends via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Brad is looking forward to seeing you: Blogging Iraq.

2 thoughts on ““Blogging Iraq”: an account of real life in Baghdad

  1. Brad in Baghdad

    I really appreciate you posting this blog entry. I never fancied myself much of a writer, but the ability to write something that people enjoy is extremely uplifting to my spirits. Six months is a drop in the bucket compared to lots of folks here, but for me, it’s really painful.

    Having folks share in this new experience is very cathartic, and it shows me that people still support the military… even if the war itself is unpopular. Would it surprise you to learn that the focus of our operation here is “transition to the government of Iraq”?

    Thanks again for posting this.
    Brad in Baghdad


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