Does this make me ingenious or incredibly lazy?

Between a family dinner, giving blood, and not feeling well a couple of days, I managed to exercise only twice last week.

Today, I was feeling much better and planned (at least in theory) to go swimming on our way home from Stone Mountain. Ed had wanted to ride the Paddlewheel Riverboat, which he’d last done about 15 years ago.



On our way in, Ed had noticed the Pedal Boats.

We can do both for free with our Mountain Membership, so I decided “Why not?”


Ed started pedaling like he was on a mission — fast, in other words. Soon, I realized my heart rate was fairly high, so I checked it. Surely enough, I was in my target zone. An idea was born: THIS, instead of swimming, would be today’s exercise.


While we were taking our leisurely boat ride peddling furiously, we saw wildlife…


…and trees, including this cypress.


To improve my workout, we pedaled backward for a bit.


Thirty minutes later, Ed and I were both tired and sweaty, so we called it a day.


Exercising for 30 minutes on a pedal boat instead of for 30 minutes swimming or at Curves. Does this make me ingenious or incredibly lazy?

4 thoughts on “Does this make me ingenious or incredibly lazy?

  1. lceel

    I’m not sure – but it sure seems to do a nice job on your legs. I’m just sayin’. And since I’m sure to be reported to the Defense – Hi, Ed.


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