It began with a park, two dogs & a pile of poop.


Toby and me in a photo Ed took in February 2006, six months after Ed and I met. We wouldn’t start dating until July, but clearly, I already very much liked him.


Ed and me in a self-portrait taken in July 2006 with Ed’s cell phone. We’d been dating for about four weeks. We would be married less than nine months later.

Five years ago today, I met Ed.

As you may recall, our meeting involved a park, two dogs and a pile of poop.

I never found the pile of Toby’s poop I went searching for after Ed offered me a bag with which to pick it up.

But I did find in Ed a best friend and my husband.

I still feel a little bad about the poop. However, I’d like to think whoever might have stepped in it would consider the trade of his or her clean shoe for our found love a good one.

7 thoughts on “It began with a park, two dogs & a pile of poop.

  1. Danifred

    So happy for both of you! Seeing how I read EVERY blog post AND I’ve met you both in person, I think I am qualified to say that I think you are both absolutely wonderful people who deserve a world of happiness. And… it seems that you’ve found it 🙂

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