The mosquitoes are making up for lost time


Mosquitoes LOVE me. But, they’d been strangely quiet this summer. Until this weekend.

I’d been helping Ed with some yard work. Every time I looked down, there were numerous mosquitoes on my legs. I shooed them away and went on with my work.

When I was in the bath last night, I felt a little itchy.

I counted 50 mosquito bites on my right leg and 60 on my right — 110. That’s 110 bites on one pair of legs.

Clearly, on this Labor Day weekend, the mosquitoes are trying to make up for all the times they HADN’T bit me earlier in the summer.

Calamine lotion, anyone?

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4 thoughts on “The mosquitoes are making up for lost time

  1. Danifred

    Mosquitoes also loooovvvveee me, but they’ve never loved me that much! That is crazy!!!! I don’t know how you even made it to the bath with all that biting. I get one or two and I’m done!

  2. Jodi

    That happened to me and my neighbor on Sunday afternoon. We were eaten alive. Her husband didn’t get bitten at all. i wonder why they are attracted to certain people – are we sweeteR?

  3. Momisodes

    110?! Yikes!

    Sounds like an entire bath full of calamine is in order. I’m so sorry you were eaten alive.

    Mosquitos love me too. Always have. My mom always joked and said I had chocolate running through my veins they loved me so much.


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