The Men’s Den at the Yellow Daisy Festival

The Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park attracts 500 crafters and artists from 38 states. Two hundred thousand people, including Ed and I, attend this event.

There is so much beautiful stuff there. But sometimes, all the arts and crafts just get to be too much. So, the organizers present the Men’s Den. The Yellow Daisy Festival’s Web site describes it this way.

“Send your husband, brother or father to the Men’s Den where they can relax in recliners while watching fall football games on a big screen TV.”

Men's Den, Yellow Daisy Festival

There were plenty of women there, too. If we’d been there much longer, that’s where you would have found me, as well. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Men’s Den at the Yellow Daisy Festival

  1. Gene Kimberly

    This event is at Stone Mountain, correct? By the way, I’m Brad Kimberly’s father and we are from Macon, Georgia originally. Have been to Stone Mountain once, and actually climbed the thing right to the top. Thrilling as that was, suffice to say, I have not returned to reprise the event. Age has crept up so a return engagement is not in the cards. Nice to know if I do return one day, there may be alternate entertainment. When is the festival held each year?

  2. Rebecca

    Gene, thanks for the comment. I get a few visits via Brad’s site, and it’s great when people leave comments, so I can make the “connection.” (Brad’s mother-in-law has also commented.) The Yellow Daisy Festival is at Stone Mountain the weekend after Labor Day.

    My husband and I spend a lot of time at Stone Mountain hiking, etc. (he does more than I do). I’ve hiked up the mountain only once. I’ve hiked down the mountain twice. (The second time we took the sky lift up and walked down.)

    Thanks again for the comment, and I hope you’ll visit me again soon.


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