On meeting MckMama…

Today, I met Jennifer McKinney, better known in the blog world as MckMama, and her family, including her youngest son Stellan. Some would (will) wonder why I and dozens of other folks would go out in 45 degree weather — and in 45 degree RAINY weather, no less — to meet people “from the Internet.” Different people will have different answers to that question. Here’s mine.

In late July of 2008, I happened to see a comment on a post at Confessions of a CF Husband. A woman who went by MckMama commented, saying, in part, the following:

If you would pray for us, we recently found out our newest baby (I’m 23 weeks pregnant) has serious heart issues and I am going in today again to have his little thumper checked out.

That led me a post in which MckMama had a hand on her 23-weeks-pregnant belly. That post, called 23, baby!, mentioned that that she was going for her baby’s “first weekly heart check.” That same day she was admitted to the hospital, because her baby’s “thumper” wasn’t doing so well.

I’ve been reading the blog ever since, and I’ve blogged about Stellan a number of times. The first time was on August 3, 2008, when I encouraged all of you to pray for Stellan. She was still in the hospital and had been told that her baby wouldn’t live. He did. On October 29, 2008, he was born seemingly perfect. Four months later, the problem he had in the womb came back. In April, he had a procedure called an ablation to try to fix the problem. It didn’t work. Two Mondays ago, hours after he flat lined, he had the same procedure with a markedly different result. The problem was fixed, with only a 1% chance of the problem coming back. Ever. And this is just the short version of the story.

Through all that, I’d prayed. I’d worried. Truthfully, I sometimes got more emotionally over-wrought than I should have, considering this was a boy that I’d never met, and one that I might never meet.

But today? Today I held this boy. (I wish I’d given him a big hug, but I didn’t somehow.)


I hugged his mother.


I shook his father’s hand and talked with him a little about the miracle that is Stellan.


I watched their other kids eat and drink and be silly.




And I saw Stellan, precious Stellan, look at my husband and, absolutely fascinated by his beard, reach out and touch it.


My husband, who has probably never read Jennifer’s blog but who has heard countless stories — and who has asked me countless times, “How’s Stellan?” — got to see for himself that Stellan is very well indeed.

Stellan is an example of prayer answered. Parts of their life that they do not tell us much about are examples of prayers answered. Even with a different result from Stellan’s ablation a few weeks ago (even if he’d died), his life is still a miracle. Those are reasons enough to have wanted to meet this boy and his family.

It was very good indeed to meet these people that I’ve prayed for so much in the last 16 months. And to meet some of the hundreds of thousands of others (if not millions of others) who have done the same was pretty great, too.

I hope we’ll get to see each other again some time.

13 thoughts on “On meeting MckMama…

  1. MckMama


    You have been nothing short of encouraging and uplifting in the time I have “known” you. I was so happy to be able to make it “official” today and hug your neck in person. Thank you for coming and for caring about our son.


  2. Alli Worthington ( @alliworthington )

    I am crying again just I did when I read of the miracle two weeks ago! I have been following and praying since right after Christmas. What a sweet family, what an amazing story of answered prayers.

    So happy you all had a great time. As usual, your pictures are gorgeous!


  3. Danifred

    Oh Rebecca- how exciting! So happy you got this opportunity!
    I know that we talked about Stellan when we met and I, too, follow his story. He and my Bean are almost the same age and I have found myself crying just thinking of the challenges this family has faced.
    I am so excited for you! And, so excited for Stellan and his family 🙂

  4. Mommy Bear

    Gorgeous pictures! They are such an amazing family and I am so excited that I got to meet all of them today especially knowing that gorgeous little Stellan is SVT free!!

  5. Heather J.

    What an amazing day! I remember reading your Stellan posts over the past few years and sending a few prayers in his direction every time. How wonderful that you had a chance to actually meet this amazing little guy (and his whole family too).

  6. Nicole

    What a great experience. I never cease to be amazed by the power of blogging and social networking, and the virtual hugs that the Internet has sent my way are some of the best I have ever gotten.

  7. Anna

    What an awesome day Sunday was! I am so sorry I didn’t get to meet you then, I wish I would have gotten over my social anxiety a bit and branched out a bit, but we had a blast non the less. Oh, and I am in the picture you took of Collin in the back ground in the brown/pink GAP hoodie..LOL

  8. Kim

    Personally, I think she should have been honored to meet YOU!! An extremely talented writer and amazing photographer!!


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