Move complete: see anything weird?

I’ve (and by “I’ve” I mean Ed has) completed moving my site.

It looks o.k. to us, but does it look o.k. to you?

Also, can someone kindly send me a comment to make sure that part of the blog isn’t not broken? And, if someone wanted to e-mail me, that could be GROOVY.

I’ve decided I NEVER want to have to try to do this host migration thing by myself. It was stressful enough with Ed doing it… not because Ed doesn’t do wonderfully at this, but because I got frustrated 10 minutes in and had to give the project to him for the sake of sanity. 🙂

Perhaps at some point I’ll, you know, write a REAL post. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Move complete: see anything weird?

  1. Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba)

    Hi, Lou. I’m doing just fine. Thanks for asking. 🙂

    Sorry to have caused worry.

    January is always busy, with getting ready for my company’s big conference. Also, I was sick three times (mild upper-respiratory viruses that never quite went away before the next one came) and had the business trip.

    I was planning to blog today, actually, but I ended up being away this evening unexpectedly. Maybe tomorrow. 🙂

    P.S. My husband says it’s really sweet that you asked if I’m o.k. He says you’re a really nice guy. I agree.


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