We’re back from our cruise!

Remember that cruise I told you I wanted to take? Well, we got back from that 3-day cruise to the Bahamas yesterday.

It was fairly cold. I had goosebumps. A LOT.

Yes, those are goosebumps. This was a theme.

But we had a GREAT time.


We went snorkeling in the Bahamas.

Ed and me after we finished snorkeling.

It was WINDY and cloudy on the trip back, which is why we’re wrapped up in our beach towels.

The general coldness also explains why this look is how you found me much of the time.

This is the ensemble when it's 65 and freakishly windy on a cruise. :)

We did lay out a bit on Monday morning, fully clothed.

Laying in the sun fully clothed just before debarking on Monday.


Oh, you want to see the scenery? How’s this?





Nassau -- Prince George Wharf



Leaving Nassau



Lido Deck at night

You get the idea. If you want to see more, you can click either on the full set of cruise photos (all 176 of them) or on the abbreviated version of the set, which I did with a bunch of captions.

We would have preferred it be 10 degrees warmer, or at least not windy. But that’s a small quibble. It was a great vacation, and we’ll do it again.

I could write a BOOK about my cruise, but I want to write about what you’re curious about. So please tell me what strikes your fancy. Please?

4 thoughts on “We’re back from our cruise!

  1. Danifred

    Love the colors in Nassau
    The pictures of the catamaran sail are gorgeous
    Are those your blue towels after snorkeling? They look plush!
    Was the cruise all-inclusive?
    Did you fly to Miami or drive?
    Aren’t seabands the greatest?
    What else did you guys do since it was so cold and windy (you know other than enjoy the sun… ahhhh…. sunnnnn!!!!
    Will you take me next time as a stowaway?

    I’m so glad you went and so glad you appeared to have a fabulous time! (Hi Ed!)

  2. Heather J.

    So glad you had a great time in spite of the not-so-warm weather. At least you packed the right clothes!

    What I want to know is what kind of camera you use. I think you’ve talked about it before, but I don’t remember now. All I know is that the clarity of your pictures is amazing.

  3. lceel

    I remember that view down the dock toward the tower. I loved it, in the Bahamas. I’m so glad you’ve posted these shots – it brings back such memories. And ….

    Your goosebumps are cute.

    Ed should be careful with the cleavage – you know – women will be all over that.


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