“Do you like me?”

On this day in 2005, I e-mailed Ed for the first time. Basically, the e-mail said, “Do you ‘like me, like me?'” It also said, “It’s o.k. if you don’t, but I wanted to ask.”

I don’t have his response — or any of the e-mail from the time we were dating. But I’m sure you can figure out his answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

Five years later, we’ve been married more than four years.


(If you’ve not read any of this before, you can read more about how we met here and here.)

2 thoughts on ““Do you like me?”

  1. lceel

    And, of course, his answer made you feel like Sally Fields at the awards ceremony – where she said, to the assembled audience of people who voted for her, “You like me! You really, really, like me!!” As if anyone could not.

    As if HE could not.


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