A few photos… and hi! (And a week late Weekly Winners)

In addition to not blogging much (at all), I’ve not been taking many photos. Last Saturday, however, I was suddenly all sorts of inspired at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

When I finally got around to uploading them today, I realized that apart from one photo I uploaded to Flickr when Toby passed his Canine Good Citizen test in June, the last time I uploaded photos was MARCH — my cousin’s wedding when I was the photographer. That it had been so long shouldn’t have been shocking since I knew I hadn’t taken photos off my card since March. And, I went two months between taking photos with my SLR (though I took a few with my point and shoot). But it still was somehow…

Here are a few of my favorites from last Saturday (assuming I can remember how to embed photos in a post, and I’m not even kidding). 🙂


(I shot this photo of a Splendid Leaf Frog through glass, so I am particularly pleased with how it came out.)








I cropped a couple of these (the first one for sure, and MAYBE the third), but I didn’t do any other editing. With the exception of the first shot, all were shot using a telephoto lens. As close as I was to the water, I’m really surprised I didn’t fall into the pond. All it would have taken was someone brushing up against me accidentally.

Since it’s been so long, I’ll say that we’re all well in the Casa de Ramblings by Reba. I ran my 5K I mentioned in April and then ran/walked the Peachtree Road Race on July 5. I also injured my calf at the Peachtree, which I’m STILL recovering from (so no running since then, except for an ill-fated mile when I thought I was better — ha). Work is good, but crazy. My 10-year work anniversary is next month. Ed is good. Dogs and cats are good. My nephew Francis, who I saw last December for the first time in more than three years, skipped kindergarten entirely and is a first grader.

What’s up with you?

(Edited to add: even though these photos were taken LAST week, I’m going to use them for Lotus’s Weekly Winners. I had some technical difficulties last week, which is why I didn’t get them up for the actual week of Weekly Winners.)

13 thoughts on “A few photos… and hi! (And a week late Weekly Winners)

  1. Danifred

    Beautiful, as always. Despite not having taken many pictures lately, you most definitely haven’t lost your touch!
    Love the reflections on those water shots!

  2. Donna

    I have lived in Atlanta for 15 years and have not been to the Botanical Gardens. Terrible I know! Your shots have inspired me to plan a visit. The flowers are gorgeous!


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