Snow vs. No Snow

To recap, Atlanta had about six inches of snow last Sunday night, followed by freezing rain on Monday. Atlanta isn’t good with snow and ice (not much snow/ice removal equipment), but usually this isn’t a big deal because it warms right up. However, this last week the snow and freezing rain were followed by days of below-freezing temperatures. The snow and ice didn’t go anywhere. Most Atlanta-area school systems were closed all week. My office was closed three full days — as were many offices. Thursday and Friday the office didn’t open until 11. It was a mess. (I could go on for paragraphs.)

Temperatures were above freezing all weekend. However, you wouldn’t know it by looking at our yard this morning.


Not much different from last Monday, huh?

This is our driveway this morning.


I’ll still need my boots to navigate it tomorrow morning.

By contrast, this is my across-the-street neighbor’s driveway.



Yes, we have a “battle” of snow vs. no snow in our neighborhood.


Isn’t that wild?

It was an interesting week, one that we’re not likely to experience again for a LONG time (think decades, please, God!). But, Ed and I are going to buy a snow shovel, just in case.

3 thoughts on “Snow vs. No Snow

  1. Wendy

    You should buy a snow shovel because you will jinx yourself and will never get snow again. Sounds like a great reason to spend $30 on a shovel! Also, I imagine the difference in the snow might depend on who gets either the morning or afternoon sun?


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