My nephew Francis turned 6 today

Francis, 1 day old (January 9, 2005) He was born at just under 32 weeks gestation. Francis, 11 weeks old (March 2005), and me Francis, about 20 months old (September 2006), and me Francis, November/December 2008 (from a post about his 4th birthday) Francis, December 2009, and Toby (the next time I saw Francis after […]

Happy birthday to Francis and to Gwyneth

Today is my nephew Francis’s fourth birthday. Today is also Gwyneth Lawrenson’s first birthday. Both were preemies. Francis was born at just under 32 weeks gestation. Gwyneth was born at 24 weeks, four days gestation. I remember my fear when I heard my sister was in labor early. I remember the fear I felt when […]

Francis at Christmas

Francis, playing with the Colorforms he got from his mom and dad for Christmas. My sister called Christmas day to chat, and so Francis could thank us for the books we bought him. (We got him this, this, and this — the latter a childhood favorite.) Ed was on the phone with his sister, so […]

A funk: I’ve been in one

I’ve been in a bit of funk lately. I’ve not wanted to do much of anything recently, including take photos. And some of my blog posts DEFINITELY show this lack of interest. Life stuff and the weather (many more days of gray than sunshine over the last few weeks, not to mention the really short […]

Reliving my childhood…

Ed and I don’t have children. And all of my cousins are nearly grown. (The youngest will be 16 in March.) So, Christmas is suddenly a fairly understated affair for me and mine. But I do have one nephew, Francis. For better or for worse, I find myself getting him stuff I liked as a […]