Honeymoon stories?

So. I’d considered it, and Colleen mentioned the possibility over at Sarcastic Mom’s place. Would you be interested in sharing stories (and/or reading stories) about honeymoons? If so, I would be happy to host. I love blog carnivals. 🙂 I have some lovely stories I could share. And, well, some that that I WOULDN’T share. […]

Reliving my childhood…

Ed and I don’t have children. And all of my cousins are nearly grown. (The youngest will be 16 in March.) So, Christmas is suddenly a fairly understated affair for me and mine. But I do have one nephew, Francis. For better or for worse, I find myself getting him stuff I liked as a […]

My blog’s personality

Many, many moons ago (like in 7th grade), I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for the first time. I was an ISFJ. In a nutshell, each letter means something. I=introvert S=sensing F=feeling J=judging Then, I was pretty much an OFF THE CHARTS introvert. I still get re-energized from being alone, rather than from being with […]

“Artist’s” sketch of today’s Sky Watch Friday photo

We’ve had some REALLY pretty skies the last couple of days, and I’ve been taking photos. Not feeling otherwise inspired today — and having the aforementioned lovely sky photos — I decided I’d do Sky Watch Friday. Then the intermittent computer network problems we’ve been having the last week or so became… um… mittent again. […]