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A new beginning…

(Me, post “Curves”ing, still smiling.)

Yesterday I went to Curves for the first time in about four months. My reasons for NOT going over that time (and beyond, truthfully) are many.

But over the last few weeks I found myself thinking a bit more about going and started actually LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

The night before last I dreamed about going to Curves and using the machines. I found the dream exhausting. Actually GOING was much easier. Go figure.

I’m glad I went. I hope yesterday was the start of a new Curves beginning.

Exercising avoidance…


My cell phone just rang.

The caller ID said “Curves.”

I’ve not been there in more than 2 1/2 months.

I didn’t answer the phone.

I am a weenie.

I’m a weenie who needs to go back to Curves, but a weenie nonetheless.

Ed just asked me about going back to Curves last night. In the supportive way, not in the “you’ve-gained-weight-and-need-to-work-out” way. If he’d asked in the latter way, he’d be dead now. In case you were wondering. 😉

This morning, as he was walking me to my car before work, he mentioned that maybe he could take me by there tomorrow. (Sometimes his taking me and then walking the dogs while I work out helps.)

I rolled up the window and refused to talk to him. Then I rolled the window back down and kissed him goodbye again.

I know I need to go back. And I rather WANT to go back.

So why am I avoiding it?

Getting to know me…

maryt/the teach at Work of the Poet tagged me to do a Getting to Know You meme. As I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of the meme, but, again, I like this one.

But I’m not tagging anyone. If you want to do it, consider yourself tagged and let me know that you did it, and I’ll come see what you wrote. 🙂

So here goes…


1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Let’s see. Ten years ago was 1998. I’d been out of college for almost a year. I was living at home and freelancing at a now-defunct television network. Work, watching t.v., surfing the Internet, and reading (not necessarily in that order) is pretty much all I did. I didn’t have any friends locally, so I was at home most of the time. Even with my parents and sister there, I was lonely. 😦 My family is great, but I missed my friends from college — and family just isn’t quite the same. You know what I mean.

2. What are 5 Things on my To-Do List for today?

Hmmm… Make some calls about a new doctor on my lunch hour. Put some receipts in our budget software. Pay some bills. Go to Curves. Get to bed early (just sayin’).

3. Snacks I Enjoy:

Oy. Pretty much anything chocolate. (See needing to go to Curves, above.)

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

The only way I’m ever going to be a billionaire would be if I won the lottery about six times. So let’s assume I win the lottery about six times. 🙂 I would quit my job. I don’t understand people who insist they would keep their job if they become independently wealthy. I probably would go back to school to be a doula. Or I might work as a photographer. (I didn’t say I wouldn’t work. I’d just follow my bliss.) I would give a LOT of money to charities, etc. (How much money does one person NEED really?)

5. Three Of My Bad Habits:

I tend to talk too much. I do not put things where they belong, making my living space a bit of a mess. I spend TOO much time on the computer.

6. 5 Places I have Lived:

Kentucky (twice); Richmond, Virginia; 10 places in Georgia. (I can’t pick just five, clearly.)

7. Jobs I Have Had:

Babysitter (still do this one, on rare occasion), newspaper deliverer (from 1987-1990 — almost 12 to 15 years old), video tape archivist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics (summer before my senior year of college), video tape librarian (post-college), editor of a magazine — not THE editor, but an editor (for the past 7 1/2 years).

So there you have it. Now you know a bit more about me. 🙂

Curves: I remember how to get there.

Today, I went to Curves for the 2nd time in three days. I’m so proud!

I hit my 100th workout in November. Since then, I’ve worked out exactly seven times, including the workouts this week. (That last part I’m not proud of.) Hopefully, my extreme tiredness/sickness/busyness is over, and I’ll get back into the three-workouts-a-week mode…

I surely hope so. I’m starting to get curves in places I don’t want them again.

Blog 365 and a bit of (additional) fun

O.k., I’ve decided to participate in this thing called Blog 365. Considering that I posted 284 times last year from mid-July through December, I think this is doable. A big objective is to get people to write. Every. Single. Day. So if I’m without a computer (the horror), I can “blog” offline and post when I get back.

Moving right along.

When I was looking through some of the blogs from other participants, I found a blog from that caught my eye.

All I have to do is look at the archives from each month last year (in my case the last five-and-a-half months) and post the first sentence of the first post from each month.

Let the games begin:

July: Today, Ed and I started trapping a mother cat and her kittens.

August: O.k., I couldn’t figure out a way to ask this SPOILERIFIC question without posting my question on a message board of some sort…

September: To the right, you’ll find a thingamabob through which you can sign up to have an e-mail sent to you when I update my blog. (Rebecca’s note: I’ve since removed the “thingamabob.)

October: My office’s firewall (or whatever) is blocking my Curves-O-Meter ticker.

November: Someone once said that I thought my dog could do no wrong (which isn’t the case, by the way).

December: Ed just took the picture above, after deciding the situation was blog-worthy.

Ah… what a sentimental journey…

Curves: The Documentary

It’s not perfect. (The editing software on the Flip is REALLY basic — I need to get something a bit more advanced). That said, here is the video I’ve been promising. I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath. 🙂

I’d forgotten how much fun editing can be. I’ve never edited digital footage before, though. And I’ve certainly never edited MYSELF. 😉