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Any way you slice it, the Curves report isn’t good…

When I went back to Curves last month, I knew I was basically starting over.

Monday I learned just what “starting over” means. Between my February 23 workout (when I THOUGHT I was starting over but wasn’t really) and today’s workout, I gained 6 inches and 7 pounds (a total of 13 inches/pounds gained).

When I compare my December 11, 2006, stats (before I worked out the first time) with Monday’s, the news isn’t quite as grim.

Dec. 11, 2006/August 11, 2008 (total gained or lost)
Bust: 36.0 in./34.5 in. (-1.5 in.)
Waist: 28.0 in./31.5 in. (+3.5 in.)
Abdomen: 35.0 in./38.0 in. (+3.0 in.)
Hips: 40.50 in./41.0 in. (+0.50 in.)
Thighs: 23.0 in. each/22.0 in. each (-1.0 in. each)
Arms: 11.0 in./11 in. (0 in.)
Weight: 135.0 lb/140.0 lb (+5 lb)
Body Fat% 31.40%/32.90% (+1.5%)

Actually, it’s almost as grim… 6 inches and 5 pounds gained for 11 total inches/pound gained.

Heavy sigh…

I know. I know. Many people would kill to weigh what I do. Blah, blah, blah.

But I’M not used to weighing 140 pounds.

On Friday, I looked at the picture of Ed and me that a fellow Stone Mountain visitor took of us earlier that day. I could see my STOMACH through the shirt, even if you might not.


I HATE that. I don’t mean to sound pitiful, but I wanted to keep it real.

Thank you for listening.

A new beginning…

(Me, post “Curves”ing, still smiling.)

Yesterday I went to Curves for the first time in about four months. My reasons for NOT going over that time (and beyond, truthfully) are many.

But over the last few weeks I found myself thinking a bit more about going and started actually LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

The night before last I dreamed about going to Curves and using the machines. I found the dream exhausting. Actually GOING was much easier. Go figure.

I’m glad I went. I hope yesterday was the start of a new Curves beginning.

Exercising avoidance…


My cell phone just rang.

The caller ID said “Curves.”

I’ve not been there in more than 2 1/2 months.

I didn’t answer the phone.

I am a weenie.

I’m a weenie who needs to go back to Curves, but a weenie nonetheless.

Ed just asked me about going back to Curves last night. In the supportive way, not in the “you’ve-gained-weight-and-need-to-work-out” way. If he’d asked in the latter way, he’d be dead now. In case you were wondering. 😉

This morning, as he was walking me to my car before work, he mentioned that maybe he could take me by there tomorrow. (Sometimes his taking me and then walking the dogs while I work out helps.)

I rolled up the window and refused to talk to him. Then I rolled the window back down and kissed him goodbye again.

I know I need to go back. And I rather WANT to go back.

So why am I avoiding it?