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“Breaking up”…

Haiku Friday

You know the saying
“Breaking up is hard to do”?
Very, very true.

Thursday, I “broke up”
with a doctor of five years.
Good care? Not lately.

Oh the guilt I felt.
I’m not sure why this is so.
Doctors are to help.

Have any of you
been in this situation
and also felt guilt?

Please, share your stories.
I’m curious what you did
and how things worked out.


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The “How I Met My Honey” blog carnival is Tuesday!

Friday, Friday

Haiku Friday

Finally! Friday….
My weekend, at work day’s end.
Can’t come soon enough.

What? You ask my plans?
Blog. Read. Take photographs (natch).
Time spent with husband.

What’s my main desire?
Rest. This week has worn me out.
I could sleep for days.

An “important” haiku announcement

Haiku Friday

Forgive the hijack
Of today’s Haiku Friday.
Shameless plug below.

But it’s almost time–
“How I Met My Honey,” on
April twenty-nine.

Ahh… “meeting stories”
are the best, and I love them.
I’ll share mine. Will you?

Mine, the old classic:
Boy meets dog, and girl meets dog.
Boy and girl then meet.

There was also poop.
Not gross, though it sounds like it.
Not telling just yet. 🙂

I will tell all soon.
Please come. I want to “see” you
And hear your stories.

Life — it’s what matters

Haiku Friday

In a hospital —
Duke in North Carolina —
Tricia recovers.

Double-lung transplant
Wednesday night/Thursday morning.
Surgery success!

Cystic fibrosis
is no longer in her lungs:
a new lease on life.

Meet her husband Nate,
always by her side, pure love.
We all love him, too.

Miracle Gwyneth,
more than fifteen weeks early:
beyond doing well.

The road is still long,
But Mom’s come far already,
God’s hand in plain view.

Please offer up prayer.
All prayers and thoughts so helpful
on this long journey.

She could reject lungs,
but as some commenters said,
she will be home soon.

Nags Head or heaven —
One earthly, one with her God.
But home she will be.

We all pray for years
to watch Gwyneth become big,
to know her mommy.

We want years for Nate.
“Til death do us part” will come
too soon in best case.

This story moves me,
makes my “hardships” seem so small.
Perspective is good.

Life — it’s what matters.
Never take it for granted.
I will try not to.

Please visit their blog.
I promise you’ll be moved, too,
and forever changed.

Haiking haiku

Haiku Friday

Tuesday’s post: stairs hike.
Asked if you want back story.
The answer? Yes, please.

Starting with next ‘ku
Stanzas will match Tuesday’s post
One pic per stanza.

“Base of falls,” sign says.
Amicalola Falls rocks!
Steepness to first step.

Danger possible.
Remain on trails and the stairs.
But stairs may kill me. 🙂

One seven five steps
“That can’t be that bad,” we say.
Sadly, we are wrong.

Step one is easy.
By one hundred we ask “Why?”
But so many more.

Do these stairs end? Oy…
It looks like not from here. Wow.
But sign said they do.

After bridge: this sign.
That many more? My heavens!
I need a quick nap.

After more stair steps.
I’m hot; not in a good way.
But on we will walk.

Do these stairs end? Oy.
Oh, I’ve already said that.
The end in sight! Yay!

Still I must rest. Phew!
I sit; Ed is a showoff. 🙂
I’m now ready. Go!

We made it. We’re here!
I’m getting good at self-pics.
But contrast weird here.

Ed finds where we are.
I love this picture a lot.
Ed loves GPS.

Here we go again.
But this time it’s all downhill.
Easier this way.

A kind soul took this.
She worked hard for good image.
We were quite impressed.

Not over quite yet.
But still downhill we go. Ahhh…
I see the bottom.

And we made it. Fun!
We had a good time walking.
Sore calves next day though.

On our honeymoon.
We did this walk quite quickly.
Other things on minds. 🙂

So there’s the story.
Thanks for reading my haiku.
Stay and visit, too?

Haiku — I mean hello — from the mountains!

Haiku Friday

In mountains with Ed.
He’s way more fun than blogging.
I love autopost.

Blog three-sixty-five
is not being forgotten.
Changing time stamp good.

Needed alone time.
We don’t get enough — life stuff.
How do parents cope?

Be home tomorrow;
will blog some adventures then.
Stay tuned for more ‘kus.

I mean for more news.
No ‘kus until Friday next.
How will I survive?

Edited to add:
Wireless is in the mountains–
Is nothing sacred?

Happy haiku day to you…

Haiku Friday

Today I will try
my first “Haiku Friday.” Hmm.
What haiku topic?

I think I will write
About three whom I have “met”
While blogging this year.

There is Momisodes,
Sandy to “real life” peeps.
She’s always so kind.

She’s a busy Mom,
Trying to balance it all.
Many hugs to her.

Then there is LouCeel.
One fine day he commented.
“Great!” I said to Ed.

But how’d he find me?
“I’m not really sure,” said Lou.
Blog three-sixty-five?

Sarcastic Mom rocks.
Lotus C., first and always.
Braden, John her loves.

Because of Lotus
I photograph quite a lot
for Weekly Winners.

All 3 of these souls
Have “Friday Haiku”ed before.
Inspire me to try.

Sandy, Lotus, Lou:
How do you like my haiku?
Improved from Monday’s?