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Happy haiku day to you…

Haiku Friday

Today I will try
my first “Haiku Friday.” Hmm.
What haiku topic?

I think I will write
About three whom I have “met”
While blogging this year.

There is Momisodes,
Sandy to “real life” peeps.
She’s always so kind.

She’s a busy Mom,
Trying to balance it all.
Many hugs to her.

Then there is LouCeel.
One fine day he commented.
“Great!” I said to Ed.

But how’d he find me?
“I’m not really sure,” said Lou.
Blog three-sixty-five?

Sarcastic Mom rocks.
Lotus C., first and always.
Braden, John her loves.

Because of Lotus
I photograph quite a lot
for Weekly Winners.

All 3 of these souls
Have “Friday Haiku”ed before.
Inspire me to try.

Sandy, Lotus, Lou:
How do you like my haiku?
Improved from Monday’s?