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PhotoHunt: Reflection



I’ve not done the PhotoHunt in a few weeks, but I LOVE photographing reflections, so here I am.

The first shot is a traditional reflection. The second is NOTHING but reflections… I did flip the image 180 degrees, but the shot contains ONLY items that are reflections. I hope that makes sense.

Both were taken on November 2, 2008.

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PhotoHunt: Wild



These wild blackberries grew in our yard this spring. Ed thinks he may have mowed over the patch for years not knowing they were blackberries. (Oopsie…) We let the birds eat a fair number of the berries, but it was SO COOL to know the ones we did eat were grown in our yard without any chemicals. O.k., we didn’t grow them on purpose, but… 🙂 It is the simple things in life.

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