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PhotoHunt: Cloud(s)


My feet are pointing toward the clouds. Being a grownup swinging at the park makes me feel like my head’s in the clouds. I also spent some time hanging out in the dirt photographing dogs and people, which is why my shins are so dirty. Photography gives me a “head in the clouds” feeling, too, at times.

“Head in the clouds” isn’t a bad place to hang out, occasionally, but I don’t want to live there. 🙂

Join the PhotoHunt.

A few bits of bloggy business…

A roadmap to this post.

First, Project Black “subjects” (and the answer to “What IS that?” from today’s other post). Second, the print my blogoversary giveaway winner chose.

Project Black subjects

A few folks have guessed about some of my Project Black subjects.

Some of the guesses were right. Some were wrong. 🙂

So here is a list of all the Project Black subjects, including today’s, which also incorporated today’s PhotoHunt theme (What IS that?)

Take 1: a skateboarder in the 4th of July parade a couple of weeks ago.
Take 2: an antique car in the same 4th of July parade
Take 3: a stack of burnable CDs on a spindle
Take 4: a waffle iron’s “wafflers,” as one commenter posted
Take 5: Ed and me at a movie
Take 6: a guitar
Take 7: an otter I photographed at Dauset Trails Nature Center
Take 8: smiley face stickers on a craft project
Take 9: a button maker
Take 10: a guitar case

(Photos for Takes 6-10 taken on a trip last weekend to visit my best friend from college and her family.)

Blogoversary giveaway winner’s choice

Kam A decided on this photo.


I just LOVE this photograph, and I’m glad she does, too. 🙂