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A few bits of bloggy business…

A roadmap to this post.

First, Project Black “subjects” (and the answer to “What IS that?” from today’s other post). Second, the print my blogoversary giveaway winner chose.

Project Black subjects

A few folks have guessed about some of my Project Black subjects.

Some of the guesses were right. Some were wrong. 🙂

So here is a list of all the Project Black subjects, including today’s, which also incorporated today’s PhotoHunt theme (What IS that?)

Take 1: a skateboarder in the 4th of July parade a couple of weeks ago.
Take 2: an antique car in the same 4th of July parade
Take 3: a stack of burnable CDs on a spindle
Take 4: a waffle iron’s “wafflers,” as one commenter posted
Take 5: Ed and me at a movie
Take 6: a guitar
Take 7: an otter I photographed at Dauset Trails Nature Center
Take 8: smiley face stickers on a craft project
Take 9: a button maker
Take 10: a guitar case

(Photos for Takes 6-10 taken on a trip last weekend to visit my best friend from college and her family.)

Blogoversary giveaway winner’s choice

Kam A decided on this photo.


I just LOVE this photograph, and I’m glad she does, too. 🙂


Project Black (Take 10) and PhotoHunt (What IS that?)


The answer to the question of this week’s PhotoHunt theme (What IS that?) is here, along with the subjects of my other Project Black posts.

Join the PhotoHunt!

Project Black

(Summaries of my Project Black entries on which you can click to see the photo are here.)