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Tonight is a total lunar eclipse

I wish tonight’s lunar eclipse weren’t in the middle of the night — or that I didn’t have to work tomorrow.

This is my favorite shot from the last total lunar eclipse (on Feb. 21, 2008).

Saturn, moon, Regulus

And this is my favorite artsy shot from that eclipse.

I looked back at my whole post from that day, and I am still pretty pleased with the shots. However, I don’t yet have the better lens with which to photograph the moon that I was hoping for. Sigh…

If you want to photograph the eclipse — or the moon any other time — a post I wrote for Blissfully Domestic two years ago might help. It offers three tips for photographing the moon. Have fun!

The 2010 Reindog Parade

Yesterday, Toby, Ed and I went to the Reindog Parade at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. (Fox doesn’t like this sort of event, so he stayed home.) Basically, it’s an excuse to dress up your dog (and, sometimes, yourself) and take your dog to the Gardens, the only day they’re allowed.

Victoria Stilwell of “It’s Me or the Dog” was our emcee. (I’ve never seen the show, but I hope to catch its next season.)


There were more than 100 dogs in the parade.


Hey! It’s Toby!


Victoria said that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels make excellent Reindogs. A judge agreed, apparently, and took his photo.


Here’s another Cavalier. We saw six or seven throughout the day.


This gal won an award.


As did this dog.


And this one.


Lots of other dogs won as well, including a group of rescue dogs who, along with their humans, dressed as the folks from A Christmas Carol. They also took the Best in Show prize.


After the parade, we put Toby in a Santa hat for a few minutes.


Then we looked at some of the other sights at the Garden.





All of the photos from the day are on my Flickr page in their own set.

If Toby’s up to it next year, we’ll take him again. And if he’s not, we’ll go without dogs. It was that much fun.

It’s my Toby-versary again

Last year on this day, I told the story of how I came to adopt Toby on the 8th anniversary of my doing so.

I can’t believe a year has gone by since then.

These photos are from this morning.



He’s not changed much in the last year in how he looks physically. And, his heart seems to be stable. However, in the last few weeks, we’ve noticed that he’s moving around a little more slowly. Cold laser therapy is helping, but it’s obvious he’s getting older.

We’re off to enjoy a five-mile hike at the Elachee Nature Science Center. We may have to carry him for a bit of it, but the dog loves to hike, and we want to get this in while we can.

I wonder what the next year will bring?

A beautiful day at Cloudland Canyon and Rock City

Ed has wanted to go to Cloudland Canyon State Park forever. Actually, we went last year, but for reasons I can’t remember, we weren’t able to really hike.

The park is about three hours from our house, so I haven’t been much inclined to go. However, my parents went last weekend and reported it was GORGEOUS. So, I decided to surprise him, and we went yesterday.

It WAS gorgeous!















I was pooped after the five-mile hike. We were glad we hadn’t brought the dogs, as it was pretty strenuous, and we have old dogs. In fact, parts of it reminded me of the Panther Creek hike. There were some STEEP drop-offs, which made me nervous, especially on the way back when I was so tired. When I get tired, I get stupid — and clumsy.

Next, we went back to Rock City. It was also gorgeous.








(This self-portrait was taken on the swinging bridge. A couple of years ago, I took one with our shadow on the rock in the photo above this one. You can see that photo here. Also, the “pooch” you might notice? It’s my terribly attractive fanny pack/two sweatshirts tied around my waist, NOT a baby bump. 🙂



You can see the rest of my photos from the day on Flickr. These are also my Weekly Winners. Go see Lotus for more. 🙂

It was a fun day. 🙂

Toby needs his own pillow…

Toby sleeps on my side of the bed. Between his wiggling and snoring, I usually spend a lot of time maneuvering around him and pretending Toby’s one big white-noise machine.

So imagine my surprise when Toby started off the night sleeping on Ed’s pillow…


…and was still there about 10 hours later when we got up.

I’ve known Toby’s loved pillows since the night I met him almost nine years ago. It never occurred to me that he might SLEEP on one all night. I think I’ll put an extra one at the foot of the bed tonight and see what happens. 🙂

I was attacked by the tools of my trade

I am an editor. While much of my work is done on the computer, each month during the three or four days before we send the publication to the printer, I do a fair amount of editing with pen and paper.

I use green pens for my editing. Today, however, I had to dust off the red pen for a project. It had been years since I’d used a red pen to edit.

Apparently, the red pens were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. They attacked.

Red Pen Number One was the most passive-aggressive and just didn’t work. And then it did. And then it didn’t.

Red Pen Number Two sprung a leak.




(These photos were taken once I got home after several hand-washings.)

Red Pen Number Three was also leaky, but not quite as messy.

When we were walking to the car after work, My friend Sarah said, “Oh my gosh! What happened to your hair. You’re bleeding!”

Yes, at some point, I ended up getting red ink in my hair.


(Do you think I could pull off red hair? I vote “yes.”)

Tomorrow, it’s back to green pens for me. I don’t think it’s a good idea to encourage the bad behavior of pens.