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Show Me… Project Day 7

Today, Robert wants us to show ourselves…

I took these photos while sitting in the car at lunch yesterday.


You can often find me with my knees propped up against the steering wheel.


Is it odd that I love taking my own photo? Because I DO!

I’ve so enjoyed this photo project. It’s been fun to figure out how to best capture the day’s photo subject.

Thanks, Robert, for such a fun week. 🙂

Show Me… Project Day 6

Today, Mr. Robert wants us to show him something that is relaxing.

I thought about photographing a big pile of books or posting a shot from my trip to Stone Mountain to hike earlier in the week.

Then I noticed this while walking down the hall at work.


Our refurbished office has a brand spanking new flag pole.


I LOVE watching flags flutter in the breeze. I also love photographing flags. I do find it relaxing… except if I’m trying to photograph it fluttering and there’s no wind. That’s happened… no fun…


Yesterday the flag was at half-staff for Patriot Day.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to show myself… a self-portrait.

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Show Me… Project Day 5

Today Robert wants to see our favorite view from our homes.

I love watching the moon. I often look for it in the morning when I leave for work… It makes me happy. Wherever the moon is, that’s my favorite view, particularly when I can photograph it.

So Wednesday night I shot the moon through the trees. This is the best “shot” I got. (It is darned impossible to make a tree branch move out of your shot. Just sayin’.)


Tomorrow, we’re to show something that relaxes us…

Oh, please check out Blissfully Domestic’s photography channel. Full disclosure time: I am a contributing author for the site, which recently relaunched. My first column, which was about cropping to improve viewer’s focus, was published yesterday.

Show Me… Project Day 4

For today’s Show Me… Project subject, Robert wants us to show him an object or objects that have sentimental value.


These are my engagement ring, my wedding band… and my father-in-law’s wedding band. (His band is at the upper left.) My husband’s parents married in 1947. My father-in-law wore the ring until he died in 1993, after which my mother-in-law wore it. Three weeks before she died, she took it off her finger and gave it to my husband. We’d been married less than three months.

Ed wanted to wear the wedding band I’d put on his finger on our wedding day. The ring wouldn’t fit on another of his fingers. So I suggested that I wear it. His mom loved the idea.


As my mother-in-law did, I wear the ring on the same finger on which I wear my wedding band and engagement ring. Each time I look at it, I’m reminded of the wonderful example of marriage my in-laws gave to my husband.

Show Me… Project

Show Me… Project Day 3

Today, Robert wants us to show him our front doors.

Well, I think our front door is even more boring than our kitchen. 🙂

But I like its color… and I think the doorknob is actually the most important part of the door, because it allows us to see who lives there… the people we love.


Show us your front doors, too, please. You can find the Mister Linky here. Tomorrow’s Show Me… Project subject is an object or objects that hold sentimental value.

Show Me… Project Day 2

Today, as part of his Show Me… Project, Robert wants us to show him our kitchens.

We have a humble kitchen… nothing spectacular, but quite functional.

My favorite part is this window.


The photo was taken yesterday just after 5:30 p.m. I just love the light.

Toby has a favorite part of the kitchen, too: wherever the sunlight from that window happens to be hitting the floor at any given time.


Toby, apparently, is part cat. He loves resting in sunny spots, all over the house, actually.

Tomorrow’s Show Me… Project subject is our front door. Join the fun!

Show Me… Project Day 1

Robert at Thoughts of a Father is hosting a project he’s calling Show Me…

Today, Robert wants us to show our mailbox.


It’s made of sturdy plastic and has a really WIDE opening. If you look closely, you may be able to tell that part of the flag has faded because of the sun. I think it gives it character. 🙂

Our mailbox also has a lever that raises when the box is opened.


The really cool thing about this is it has a yellow sticker on the back, so you can tell from your home if the lever is up.


I never thought I’d show someone the ins and outs of my mailbox. One of the reasons I like doing these projects is the challenge of making something that’s often mundane a little more interesting.

Go visit Robert and see other people’s mailboxes. Please join the fun. Tomorrow, we’re supposed to show our kitchen. Hmmm… I so rarely use ours, so just finding it could be the REAL challenge!