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Thursday Thirteen Edition #1

Thirteen Things about Rebecca1. I am married.
2. I am 32.
3. My husband’s name is Ed.
4. My husband is 21 years older than I am.
5. We have two cats, Autumn and Asbury.
6. We have two dogs, Fox and Toby.
7. We do not have any children.
8. I graduated from college in 1997.
9. I’ve had only two jobs since college: one for 3 1/2 years, one for the other 7ish years.
10. My parents have been married almost 40 years. To each other.
11. I have one sister. She is married.
12. I have one nephew, who will be three next week.
13. This is my second “crack” at blogging. I started this time in July of 2007. This time will stick.
13b. This is my first Thursday Thirteen.

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