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Memories… light the corner of my hi-tops

Today as we were leaving Fort Yargo State Park, I noticed a girl on a park bench. She was wearing a pair of pink Converse hi-tops.


I owned a pair of pink hi-tops in 7th grade. 1988. I’d like to say I got them just for my church youth choir’s production of a musical called “HI-TOPS.” Actually, that MAY be reason I GOT them, but I wore them a LOT. I think I may still have them somewhere.

Anyway, I remember ALL (or at least almost all) of the lyrics in this musical. Twenty years later. (I’m not the only one. In researching this post, I found someone else who knows all these lyrics, too.) This clip contains the song, “Take Off Your Mask,” in which I sang a solo. Meg Manners, among others, also had a solo in this one. The clip is long, but the song starts very soon, if you want to listen to cheesy, but true, 1980s youth musical lyrics. (I probably have a picture of me performing in this musical. If I ever unearth it, I’ll scan and post it. “Late 1980s Rebecca” is quite the look. 🙂 )

Better than the musical, I remember the people I sang it with, the adults who helped us learn it, the week-long tour from Sandbridge Beach, Virginia, to North Charleston, South Carolina, we took to perform it.

I was also a part of the youth group at Bon Air UMC. Those years in Richmond and at that church were some of the best years of my life.

I haven’t seen many of those adults and kids since my family moved back to Georgia in 1990. But I miss them still: Mike. Tim. Katha. Cathy. Julie. Will. Fran. Jennifer. Jennifer ‘s mother. I could go on and on…

Instead I’ll just sing the lyrics to “Love Song for Two Nerds” in my head. (This could be Ed and my song; I just realized. And I mean that in a good way.)