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Return of the cats?

In September, I wrote about our cats and the bed. Poor kitties: they never get to sleep in the bed with us.

Well, while Ed and I (and the dogs) were gone this week, the cats had the run of the place. I’m sure many hours were spent curled up on our bed.

Apparently, they’ve remembered how lovely it is to sleep in the bed with a human, especially on cold nights.

So… Thursday night (before the dogs returned) the cats slept in the bed with us. Ed, so surprised at the sight, said, “Is that a cat?” Friday night, Asbury slept with us for a little while, until Fox ran her off.

Last night, Fox ran Asbury off, but they both came BACK! Maybe Fox knew they were there. Maybe he didn’t. But the cats were in the bed with us off and on all night.

Truthfully, 2 humans and 2 dogs in one bed is a bit crowded.

But I’m still rooting for the cats.

Homeward bound…

We’re at the airport. It was a good trip, but I missed covering one thing because I didn’t learn the pertinant details until I was on the way to the airport. This disappointed me. I’ll try to track it down when I get back to the office Monday. I’ll probably feel alot better once I’ve had some sleep. I may travel for work again this year, but most likely not on this scale until next January. Stay tuned.

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Each year, I forget how bad my feet hurt after the fourth (or so) day of my business trip.

But I swear they didn’t hurt this much last year. They were almost numb a few times today.


It will be over soon. HooRAH!