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Why you won’t be reading about our walking to the top of Amicalola Falls — today anyway

You know when you have a really good idea for a blog entry, but you just can’t get it together? This is happening to me today. I wanted to write about our walk up to the top of Amicalola Falls and back. I have all the pictures. And all the data. But the creative juices I need to actually WRITE the entry are in short supply.

You tell me. Would you like to hear the back story of these photos?









Must. Rest.

Made it.

Where we were...

Then we had to go back down...

175 steps up

175 steps

Actually, I may have just shown you the story.


There are places (and things) I remember… and don’t.

Ed and I honeymooned at Amicalola Falls State Park two years ago. For our trip this week, we stayed in the same room we did on our honeymoon.

We did not have sex until we were married, so for most of our first trip there we had “other things” on our minds. So as we walked around the room again on Thursday, I discovered quite a lot of things that I didn’t remember from the first time around.

It started with the view.


As I mentioned in my mobile post on Thursday, I had no idea the view was so pretty.

I remember we had a completely private balcony. And I remember sleeping out there on an air mattress and sleeping bag one night. (We did the same thing — but just for a few hours — on this trip. Why we did this with a big comfortable king-size bed inside I’m not sure. And it was REALLY cold. Two years ago and on Thursday.) Anyway, the balcony I remember.


These cool rocking chairs and table? I have no memory of them whatsoever. Ed assures me they were there, as he had to move them. 🙂


I also don’t remember the Internet. Oh, that’s right… there WASN’T any Internet when we were there the last time. Limited cellular service, too. All in all, I think I prefer it that way.

I’m quite sure there was lots of cool wildlife outside our window…


Like this deer.

But Ed and I sure as heck didn’t see them.

There are a few things I remember vividly.

Like this…


(No environmentally unfriendly bottles of shampoo, etc., for us.)

And this…


(Remember when they ALL had cords?)

And this…


(We watched “Lost,” my husband’s favorite show. It’s the only t.v. we watched the whole week.)

And, of course, this…



But most of all? I remember this…


I love my husband. And I don’t need a return trip to our honeymoon destination — or any destination — to remember all the reasons why.

Like Niagra Falls, only not as big


We’re home from our big trip. Here we are less than one-third of the way up the falls.

We had a really nice time. As I said in Friday’s post, we have a hard time carving out time just for each other, and we don’t have kids. Seriously, how do those of you with kids manage to have ANY time together? For anything.

MUCH more to come about the trip. I took more than 1,500 photos, all of which have stories associated with them, so I won’t suffer from a lack of things to write about. But I also won’t make YOU suffer by telling the story of all 1,500 photos. Instead, I’ll just tell the story of my favorite 197 of those photos. I’m kidding. Sort of.

Later, friends!

Haiku — I mean hello — from the mountains!

Haiku Friday

In mountains with Ed.
He’s way more fun than blogging.
I love autopost.

Blog three-sixty-five
is not being forgotten.
Changing time stamp good.

Needed alone time.
We don’t get enough — life stuff.
How do parents cope?

Be home tomorrow;
will blog some adventures then.
Stay tuned for more ‘kus.

I mean for more news.
No ‘kus until Friday next.
How will I survive?

Edited to add:
Wireless is in the mountains–
Is nothing sacred?