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A fun fall day and Weekly Winners: September 21-27

Yesterday, I photographed a colleague’s two children at a local park. Then, we went with some friends to Washington Farms (where we picked strawberries in the spring) to participate in fall activities, including a corn maze. It was a good day.

Are you ready to experience part of our fun day? Here we go!

Before the family I was photographing arrived, I photographed some wildlife at the park.


I “stalked” this squirrel for about 10 minutes. I rather like the effect, even though I have no idea how I did it.


Then the family arrived, and the real fun began. 🙂 Here are some of my favorite shots of the girls…

Watching big sister play.


LOVE these pigtails…


…and these…


Both girls LOVE the ducks and geese.


They both loved the sand, too.


Older sister enjoyed being pushed on the swing by her daddy.


This stranger-child loved being pushed on he swing by his daddy, too.


From the park, we went to meet our friends and then onto the farm.

They had “duck races” in which you pumped water to move a plastic duck down a tube. I loved the pumps.


I seem to be developing a love for photographing fences.


The light metering on this is STRANGE, but I love it.


He loved this slide, made of ABS tubing (most often used for sewage/drain tubing).


After doing the farm activities (mainly geared for kids), we looked at the fall crops…

…including Indian corn…


…and “baby” pumpkins.


We took a “spin” through the vortex tunnel.

This photo was taken on f/11 with a 6 second exposure…


…and this one (taken an hour or so later) was taken at f/22, also with a 6 second exposure…


In the corn maze, Sam learned that corn doesn’t come in packages, but attached to a cob. I think he was impressed! 🙂 (I’m always impressed by that, too.)


After awhile, Sam took a load off, and I snapped this photo of him through the corn.


It was a LONG day, but a really good one. It’s always fun to visit with colleagues outside of work, and we hadn’t seen Mike and Christie and Sam in MONTHS. (Sam, by the way, is the little boy I photographed on his birthday a few months ago.)

We may go to the zoo with Mike and Christie and Sam in October. Ahhh… 🙂

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Weekly Winners: September 14-20

Mushrooms bigger than your head. O.k., not really. They’re your average mushrooms, photographed last Sunday in our back yard.


I took this shot hand-held last Monday morning while waiting for a traffic light to change.


Remember the “Monet” I showed a few weeks ago? These are the same tree branches, but in good weather.


Fox watching the world go by.


At Stone Mountain yesterday.


I don’t have a clue what this plant it. But it’s so cool! 🙂


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Weekly Winners: September 7-13

This week I took part in Robert’s “Show Me… Project.” Karen mentioned it in her Weekly Winners post last Sunday, and I’m so glad she did. I had a GREAT time!

A few of these shots are from the project, but many aren’t. So come along. 🙂

One of the “also rans” from a mailbox shoot.


Yellow Daisies at Stone Mountain.



Last weekend was the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain. This is a bag from the festival next to actual yellow daisies.


I have no clue what this is… but it’s pretty, no?


I’m not sure if this is a yellow daisy or not, but I love the texture of the flower, so here you are.


This photo was taken at the entrance of the songbird preserve at Stone Mountain.


A near-full moon, photographed through some trees, which explains its exceedingly strange shape.


A self-portrait.


Yesterday, I photographed Joseph, the son of the couple I photographed in May when Jamie was about six months pregnant… It was my first time to meet Joseph, and Jamie and I had a good time catching up. Ed did his best to tune out the “girl talk.” (God bless him.)

That HAND! So. Cute!


I could have asked Jamie to move, but I rather liked seeing Mama’s legs in the background. Moms are always ready to step in when their babies need them, and I thought this was a nice way of showing that.


My friend Sarah made Joseph this hat. I think this photo is adorable.


Those FEET! Swoon! 🙂


I’ll post more photos of Joseph later in the week… I just can’t help it… 🙂

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Weekly Winners: August 31-September 6

Pond at a nearby park.


I followed a heron all around the park. This series includes a takeoff and landing. It was the first time I’d really tried to photograph a bird in flight. There are things I’ll do different next time to ensure the bird is more in focus (ahem), but I’m pretty pleased for a first attempt.








I took this photo on my way to work Friday. I was fully stopped, not to worry.


Ed and I went to Banning Mills yesterday. I really like the angles in this photo…


…and like the light in this one.


I used a wider aperture than usual (I stay on f/5.6 for some reason most of the time — which may NOT be a good thing) and a slow shutter speed, which resulted in this photo with a wide depth of field (area that’s in focus), but still blurred the water.


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Weekly Winners: August 24-30

I took these photos while I was out and about…

We had a lot of rain because of remnants of Hurricane Fay. When I was sitting in my car at lunch on Monday, I noticed the rain on the windows looked a bit like some of Claude Monet’s paintings. (A hat tip to my husband who, when he saw the photo, said “That looks like a Monet!” I just knew it looked like some famous painter-dude’s style.)


I took this shot out the front windshield on Tuesday while driving home from work. (I was completely stopped, not to worry.)


This photo was taken less than 45 minutes later, as I was leaving the gym.


On Thursday at work, I noticed the “stained-glass” effect the sun had shining through some cool plastic chairs. I didn’t have time to photograph it then, but I did take 5 minutes to do so on Friday. This shot is out of focus, because I didn’t realize the camera was still set to manual focus. But I like it much better than the next frame, which is in focus. (If you’re interested in what the next shot looks like, you can see it here.)


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Weekly Winners: August 16-23

This was another rather laid-back photo week. We went to Stone Mountain last Sunday (yes, again), which is where I took most of these photos.

I’m just loving this first photo. If you think it’s similar to the one below it, you’re right. I cropped this photo from the original of the second photo. (Clear as mud?)


This is the first thing we saw on our walk.


This is a Yellow Daisy.


A hazy Stone Mountain.


Wednesday night, I took this photo of Ed just before I went to bed. Look at those beautiful brown eyes. Swoon!


I’m not sure what’s going on with the “multiple Rebeccas” in this shot, but I love it. I think it’s because the glass made my legs look really LONG. 🙂


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Weekly Winners: August 10-16

Yesterday I attended a seminar given by nature photographer Larry Winslett. He’s taken photographs at Stone Mountain for more than 30 years (among lots of other places). Basically, he answered our general questions and then we walked and talked and photographed along the Nature Garden Trail at Stone Mountain.

I learned a LOT, and we’ll definitely attend more seminars offered by Winslett. Here are my photos for the week, all from the seminar.

I shot this reflection while we were waiting for all the seminar members to arrive. It turns out this young woman was taught in the first grade by my aunt. Small world…




These flowers in the shot below are about 1/8 in. in diameter.




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Weekly Winners: August 3-9

A year ago today, we got our new camera. In the last 12 months, we’ve taken just over 40,000 photos. Ed says he’s taken only 1,000 or so. He says I don’t ever let him use the camera. True enough. I have learned a LOT about photography and can’t wait to keep learning. Coincidentally, tomorrow’s Fun Monday post is our favorite photograph. I’m going to post my favorite of the last year. I have no idea what I’ll pick at this point.

Now for this week’s Weekly Winners.

This praying mantis was on our garage door when we came home from the grocery store last Sunday afternoon. You’ll notice that he looks like he is, indeed, praying.


After taking last week’s Sky Watch Friday photo, I saw this, which will likely show up in next week’s Sky Watch Friday post.


Another beautiful day at Stone Mountain Park on Friday…





This was taken yesterday at the dog park.


Last night, we went to the Laser Show at Stone Mountain.

Before the show, I captured this.


And during the show, I caught these.



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Weekly Winners: July 27-August 2

This week, I bring you a few shots from out and about… and some from our trip yesterday to Stone Mountain Park.

Raindrops on car.


New flagpole at my office.


My shadow.


Glass-making materials.


Wood house with stone chimney.


Billy goat, not gruff.







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Weekly Winners: July 20-July 26

I didn’t do much photo taking this week: about 300 all told. Close to 100 of them were of Ed making no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies Friday night. I REALLY wanted those cookies. They’re yummy, too.

Alas, none of those photos made the Weekly Winners cut. A few from a dog party yesterday did.

Gourmet dog treats (yes, even the second one).



The guest of honor. 🙂


Toby got a bit twisted in his leash. I, the dutiful “parent,” took a photo before freeing him. (He was not hurt.)




Me mid-swing. The dirt is from my being on the ground photographing dogs.


Yesterday afternoon, I took a stroll in our backyard. I came across this leaf.


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