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The Week in Wardrobe…

I’ve had a tired week, combined with a side of “sick,” so photos have been fairly slim pickings. In fact, I realized that most of the photos centered around my wardrobe choices.

This is the freakishly comfortable bed I slept in last Saturday night after a full, fun day of bloggy talk at BlissDom ’08. These are my BEDclothes. 🙂


The day Ed photographed me in my suit, I’d spent a few minutes at lunch photographing mySELF in my suit.

I must say I like my legs.


I wore a variation of the same suit on Thursday, and when I came home Ed was wearing HIS suit, so I had to take a photo. I don’t think we’ve both been that dressed up since our wedding 2 1/2 years ago.


And on Saturday, I did the “comfy” I’m-sick-and-just-want-to-sleep look.


Lots of other people photograph things other than their clothes. Go check some out over at Sarcastic Mom.

Weekly Winners: October 5-11

This was a week of sunsets and moon shots.

Wednesday night’s sunset.


Thursday night’s sunset, taken from virtually the same spot.


This was Friday’s sunset, taken at a local shopping center.


The moon about 6:20 on Thursday night… This is the shot I was trying to post for Sky Watch Friday… when I ended up posting my drawing of the moon instead. 🙂


…and about about six minutes later a few feet away from our house.


We briefly interrupt these moon shots for a couple of other beauties.

I found these flowers outside my office building on Friday. The leaves next to them will give you an idea how small the flowers are.


This “fluffball” was also asking to be photographed. This is what I was on my way to photograph when I saw the little flowers above.


Now, back to the moon.

This is my favorite photo of the week, taken about 30 minutes after sunset on Friday.


The uncropped version is here. I would have used the uncropped version usually, but I was proud of the detail I captured (especially considering that the camera wasn’t on a tripod), and the detail can’t be seen in the original. You can see some “little” craters near the bottom. Ahhhh…

Now, I have a question. Do you have anything in particular you’d like to see covered at Blissfully Domestic’s Photo Bliss section?

I’m asking for suggestions for two reasons:

  1. I often have trouble deciding what to write about.
  2. If you ask me something I don’t know the answer to, I’ll want to find out the answer, which is a “win” for both of us.

So let me know what you’d be interested in seeing at Photo Bliss, and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Oh, and next weekend I likely won’t do Weekly Winners. I’ll be in Nashville for BlissDom ’08. SQUEE!

I know Lotus, and Colleen, and Secret Agent Mama will be there. (Secret Agent Mama and her family are giving me a ride up there, as well as letting me spend the night in their home Friday night. Awwwww… I think the time I’ll get to spend with them is the thing I’m most excited about.) Who else is going? This will be my first trip to meet bloggy friends. I can’t wait.

And getting back on topic, now…

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Atlanta Botanical Garden: Early Fall Edition

I took the day off Friday, and Ed and I went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden where we have a membership. This is only our second visit.

I found this beauty before we entered the garden.


Same with this…


…and this.


Now we’re in the courtyard just inside the gardens.


In the garden proper now, we found this frog.


This is a Chihuly, I think. He had an exhibit here a few years ago, and this may be a “leftover.”


He loves me; he loves me not.


COOL lily pads!


A flower among the lily pads.


These next three were taken in the orchid house…




This was in the desert exhibit.


This one IS a Chihuly.


The sculptures in the next photos are from the Sculpture in Motion exhibit.




Another autumn display shot on our way out.


We had a nice day. I was POOPED by the time we left, much to Ed’s dismay. He would have run around town for hours more if I’d given him a chance. We’re not recreationally compatible, sadly. Oh well… he loves me anyway. 🙂

I’m also using this for Sarcastic Mom’s Weekly Winners. Go take a look for more photos.

A fun fall day and Weekly Winners: September 21-27

Yesterday, I photographed a colleague’s two children at a local park. Then, we went with some friends to Washington Farms (where we picked strawberries in the spring) to participate in fall activities, including a corn maze. It was a good day.

Are you ready to experience part of our fun day? Here we go!

Before the family I was photographing arrived, I photographed some wildlife at the park.


I “stalked” this squirrel for about 10 minutes. I rather like the effect, even though I have no idea how I did it.


Then the family arrived, and the real fun began. 🙂 Here are some of my favorite shots of the girls…

Watching big sister play.


LOVE these pigtails…


…and these…


Both girls LOVE the ducks and geese.


They both loved the sand, too.


Older sister enjoyed being pushed on the swing by her daddy.


This stranger-child loved being pushed on he swing by his daddy, too.


From the park, we went to meet our friends and then onto the farm.

They had “duck races” in which you pumped water to move a plastic duck down a tube. I loved the pumps.


I seem to be developing a love for photographing fences.


The light metering on this is STRANGE, but I love it.


He loved this slide, made of ABS tubing (most often used for sewage/drain tubing).


After doing the farm activities (mainly geared for kids), we looked at the fall crops…

…including Indian corn…


…and “baby” pumpkins.


We took a “spin” through the vortex tunnel.

This photo was taken on f/11 with a 6 second exposure…


…and this one (taken an hour or so later) was taken at f/22, also with a 6 second exposure…


In the corn maze, Sam learned that corn doesn’t come in packages, but attached to a cob. I think he was impressed! 🙂 (I’m always impressed by that, too.)


After awhile, Sam took a load off, and I snapped this photo of him through the corn.


It was a LONG day, but a really good one. It’s always fun to visit with colleagues outside of work, and we hadn’t seen Mike and Christie and Sam in MONTHS. (Sam, by the way, is the little boy I photographed on his birthday a few months ago.)

We may go to the zoo with Mike and Christie and Sam in October. Ahhh… 🙂

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Weekly Winners: September 14-20

Mushrooms bigger than your head. O.k., not really. They’re your average mushrooms, photographed last Sunday in our back yard.


I took this shot hand-held last Monday morning while waiting for a traffic light to change.


Remember the “Monet” I showed a few weeks ago? These are the same tree branches, but in good weather.


Fox watching the world go by.


At Stone Mountain yesterday.


I don’t have a clue what this plant it. But it’s so cool! 🙂


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Weekly Winners: September 7-13

This week I took part in Robert’s “Show Me… Project.” Karen mentioned it in her Weekly Winners post last Sunday, and I’m so glad she did. I had a GREAT time!

A few of these shots are from the project, but many aren’t. So come along. 🙂

One of the “also rans” from a mailbox shoot.


Yellow Daisies at Stone Mountain.



Last weekend was the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain. This is a bag from the festival next to actual yellow daisies.


I have no clue what this is… but it’s pretty, no?


I’m not sure if this is a yellow daisy or not, but I love the texture of the flower, so here you are.


This photo was taken at the entrance of the songbird preserve at Stone Mountain.


A near-full moon, photographed through some trees, which explains its exceedingly strange shape.


A self-portrait.


Yesterday, I photographed Joseph, the son of the couple I photographed in May when Jamie was about six months pregnant… It was my first time to meet Joseph, and Jamie and I had a good time catching up. Ed did his best to tune out the “girl talk.” (God bless him.)

That HAND! So. Cute!


I could have asked Jamie to move, but I rather liked seeing Mama’s legs in the background. Moms are always ready to step in when their babies need them, and I thought this was a nice way of showing that.


My friend Sarah made Joseph this hat. I think this photo is adorable.


Those FEET! Swoon! 🙂


I’ll post more photos of Joseph later in the week… I just can’t help it… 🙂

Thanks for visiting my humble blog. For more Weekly Winners, visit Sarcastic Mom.

Weekly Winners: August 31-September 6

Pond at a nearby park.


I followed a heron all around the park. This series includes a takeoff and landing. It was the first time I’d really tried to photograph a bird in flight. There are things I’ll do different next time to ensure the bird is more in focus (ahem), but I’m pretty pleased for a first attempt.








I took this photo on my way to work Friday. I was fully stopped, not to worry.


Ed and I went to Banning Mills yesterday. I really like the angles in this photo…


…and like the light in this one.


I used a wider aperture than usual (I stay on f/5.6 for some reason most of the time — which may NOT be a good thing) and a slow shutter speed, which resulted in this photo with a wide depth of field (area that’s in focus), but still blurred the water.


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