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We use chicken-flavored toothpaste


A few months ago, I participated in Works for Me Wednesday for a few weeks. Then I realized I don’t have have that many tips to share, so I started to do Wordless Wednesday or a “freestyle” post on Wednesdays. But this week I had a brainwave. So here I am. 🙂 (I thought I should let my readers know the deal, so they don’t wonder if my normally tip-free blog has been taken over by aliens. Moving right along…)

Our dog Toby has <a href="mitral valve disease. As a result, it’s even more important to clean his teeth daily. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to remember to do so, and he is terrible about doing it himself.

But I’ve learned recently that if I brush his teeth before bed when I do mine, I remember more often than I don’t. (I’ve forgotten the last two nights, but you get the point.)

If you have kids and it’s easier to remember this way, you might brush the dog’s teeth at the same time your kids’ get their teeth brushed. You’ll teach your children the importance of good oral hygiene for our pets. AND it might convince them if it’s important for the dog, it’s important for them.

Here are some tips for brushing your dog’s teeth.

Just don’t use the chicken-flavored toothpaste on YOUR brush. 🙂