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Fall is coming to Georgia, and with it more hikes

Fall is coming to Georgia

As you would expect, fall comes late to Georgia. But this photo taken yesterday at Arabia Mountain demonstrates that it’s on its way.

We were at Arabia Mountain for our first hike with Atlanta Unleashed, an (often) off-leash Meetup group.

Atlanta Unleashed at Arabia Mountain

Fox wasn’t able to come on this hike. He’s working through some fear issues, and we weren’t sure if this would be a good outing for him. Ed “borrowed” a dog from a member of our group who had three dogs. The dog reminded us a lot of Fox. Looking at the photo, I almost think it IS Fox. 🙂 As for Toby, he did GREAT with the five-mile hike. He still shows no signs of his heart disease almost two years in.

We had a lot of fun. Ed, Toby and I next plan to hike with this group in three weeks. We’re looking forward to it. Yay!