23 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: High

  1. Patricia

    Beautiful photo, Reba. I’d love to see fall colors like that one day. I’ve been to Stone Mountain, but it was during the summer.

    Thanks, Patricia.

  2. Laura

    Nice! Great colors. 🙂 Boy we didn’t get much color this past fall…it was nice, but not quite worth the hype that New England gets for their colors.

    Thanks, Laura!

  3. jams o donnell

    Oooh that’s beautiful. There’s absolutely nothing like that near where I live! Happy weekend

    jams o donnell’s last blog post..45 Today

    Thanks so much! Where do you live? I’ve never lived anywhere that this ISN’T what spring looks like…

  4. Sandy (Momisodes)

    Absolutely stunning! I had no idea the fall foliage was so brilliant there 🙂 Love your choice for the theme.

    Sandy (Momisodes)’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

    Thanks, Sandy. “They,” whoever “they” are, said we wouldn’t have great fall color last year because of the drought. God decided otherwise, apparently. 🙂


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