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Dogs, dogs, and more dogs…

Bella 'n' Me

Bella and me…

Which is Toby and which is Bella?

This is a shot I got of Toby and Bella passing each other. I just think it’s cool. It’s hard to tell which dog is which. Jazz, Bella’s big sister, is in the background. We picked her up at the kennel late this afternoon, so for awhile we had FOUR dogs in our house. It was quite exciting.

Sleeping sisters

And here is a picture of the sisters sleeping. Aren’t they cute?

Everyone’s gone home now. I’m sad, but I know Sarah’s glad to be home and to have her dogs back. I’m sure we’ll see them again soon.

A Day in the Life of Bellaβ€”The Vacation Edition

We’re Bella-sitting for our friend Sarah, who had to take a business trip.


Look at Bella’s tail wag. She loves Ed, who took this picture, best I think. πŸ™‚

Then, she took Ed for a walk and barked at the neighbor’s dogs.

Forgive the yucky video quality. Camera phone, you know.

Then Bella tried to get on the sofa when Fox was sitting there with Ed. Fox was not amused, got off the sofa and barked at Bella. Bella backed off. This is very different from what happens when Bella’s sister Jazz stays with us. In that situation, Fox and Jazz bark at each other until Ed and/or I get one and/or both of their attention and remind them that the sofa/cushion/patch of carpet/air is not worth fighting about.

Then, Ed ran a bunch of errands in preparation for my birthday dinner, so Bella got to go in her playpen and rest. Toby rested in his crate. Fox got the run of the house because, well, he’s Fox, and he doesn’t need no stinkin’ playpen or crate.

When I came home from work, I completely ignored Ed.

Ed's sad because Rebecca's more interested in me than in the birthday dinner he made for her.

Instead, I concentrated on Bella, who…

Ate some dinner…

Drank some water…


Looked cute…


And generally charmed the humans in the house.

It’s so hard being a Bella. πŸ™‚

As for poor, ignored Ed… I loved the birthday dinner he made for me. More on that tomorrow. πŸ™‚

The cats march on…

Exactly one month ago, I wrote about our cats dabbling with sleeping with us in our bed. Last night before bed, Autumn sat on the bed with me for a few minutes (and with Fox for about 15 seconds). Asbury slept with us for awhile last night. (Fox was on his snuggle ball.)

Ed found this when he went upstairs this morning:

Autumn in the bed

Awww… Autumn made herself a little cave and took a snooze. Warmed the cockles of my heart.

My trip to the vet, by Toby

A couple of days ago (I don’t remember when), I ate part of a plastic cup. I got part of it caught inbetween two teeth.

It hurt. A lot. Mom and Dad took me to the vet this morning. See how worried they look?

The vet took good care of me. They took out the piece of plastic, took x-rays to see if I have anything in my system that I shouldn’t (I do, but I think it will pass just fine), gave me some barium in case it DOESN’T pass and they have to do another x-ray, and checked my ears. I have a yeast infection in there.
So I have four different medicines (two for my stomach/mouth problem and two for my ears), special food for the next three or four days, and a $450 bill.
Mom and Dad really love me.
Now we’re going to visit Leslie and Bryan and their family at Indian Springs. Fox has to stay home.

Toby ate something and it wasn’t dog food

So Ed and I were in bed at just after 9:30 like all the cool kids on a Friday night, when Toby starting making weird noises. We discovered a piece of chewed up plastic in his mouth that has started growing into the gum. We can’t remove it.

So, we gave him some Benedryl, he’s resting comfortably (for now at least), and we’ll be at the vet’s first thing in the morning.

Here’s Toby with his ice pack. It’s getting a fair amount of use this week. Ed used it briefly on Monday when he had his surgery. Hopefully, I’m not next. πŸ™‚