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Haiking haiku

Haiku Friday

Tuesday’s post: stairs hike.
Asked if you want back story.
The answer? Yes, please.

Starting with next ‘ku
Stanzas will match Tuesday’s post
One pic per stanza.

“Base of falls,” sign says.
Amicalola Falls rocks!
Steepness to first step.

Danger possible.
Remain on trails and the stairs.
But stairs may kill me. 🙂

One seven five steps
“That can’t be that bad,” we say.
Sadly, we are wrong.

Step one is easy.
By one hundred we ask “Why?”
But so many more.

Do these stairs end? Oy…
It looks like not from here. Wow.
But sign said they do.

After bridge: this sign.
That many more? My heavens!
I need a quick nap.

After more stair steps.
I’m hot; not in a good way.
But on we will walk.

Do these stairs end? Oy.
Oh, I’ve already said that.
The end in sight! Yay!

Still I must rest. Phew!
I sit; Ed is a showoff. 🙂
I’m now ready. Go!

We made it. We’re here!
I’m getting good at self-pics.
But contrast weird here.

Ed finds where we are.
I love this picture a lot.
Ed loves GPS.

Here we go again.
But this time it’s all downhill.
Easier this way.

A kind soul took this.
She worked hard for good image.
We were quite impressed.

Not over quite yet.
But still downhill we go. Ahhh…
I see the bottom.

And we made it. Fun!
We had a good time walking.
Sore calves next day though.

On our honeymoon.
We did this walk quite quickly.
Other things on minds. 🙂

So there’s the story.
Thanks for reading my haiku.
Stay and visit, too?

Why you won’t be reading about our walking to the top of Amicalola Falls — today anyway

You know when you have a really good idea for a blog entry, but you just can’t get it together? This is happening to me today. I wanted to write about our walk up to the top of Amicalola Falls and back. I have all the pictures. And all the data. But the creative juices I need to actually WRITE the entry are in short supply.

You tell me. Would you like to hear the back story of these photos?









Must. Rest.

Made it.

Where we were...

Then we had to go back down...

175 steps up

175 steps

Actually, I may have just shown you the story.


Like Niagra Falls, only not as big


We’re home from our big trip. Here we are less than one-third of the way up the falls.

We had a really nice time. As I said in Friday’s post, we have a hard time carving out time just for each other, and we don’t have kids. Seriously, how do those of you with kids manage to have ANY time together? For anything.

MUCH more to come about the trip. I took more than 1,500 photos, all of which have stories associated with them, so I won’t suffer from a lack of things to write about. But I also won’t make YOU suffer by telling the story of all 1,500 photos. Instead, I’ll just tell the story of my favorite 197 of those photos. I’m kidding. Sort of.

Later, friends!

Attitude girl…

Ed wanted to go hiking today. I did not.

We went hiking. I had a bad attitude.

Until we got on the trail and I started taking pictures.

O.k., the beautiful day, the gorgeous scenery, and my wonderful husband being there helped.


I look pretty happy for someone who’d had a bad attitude, don’t I? 🙂