Honeymoon stories?


I’d considered it, and Colleen mentioned the possibility over at Sarcastic Mom’s place.

Would you be interested in sharing stories (and/or reading stories) about honeymoons? If so, I would be happy to host. I love blog carnivals. 🙂

I have some lovely stories I could share. And, well, some that that I WOULDN’T share. 😉

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Honeymoon stories?

  1. Katie

    I’ll play!

    Excellent. I’ll let you know the date when I decide it… I’ll probably decide sometime while you’re on vacation. Oh, I’m on vacation now, too. But we’re staying home. 🙂

  2. Colleen

    I have some GREAT pics of Acapulco I’d love to post! My hubby & I had an action-packed week in Mexico. You know I’m game!

    Sounds great! WHOO HOO!

  3. Shannon

    I’ll sit this one out as I have never had a Honeymoon. 11 years of marriage and never had a weekend alone with my husband let alone a Honeymoon. Sad I know!

    I wish every couple had the opportunity to go on a honeymoon. I’m sorry you didn’t. Do you want me to come over and watch the kids some weekend, so you and your hubby can get away? 🙂


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