I’m beautiful, darnit!

Last August I weighed 140 pounds.

This is a photo taken of me right before my August 2008 Curves weigh in, which is when I got back on the exercise horse.


I wasn’t overweight by any stretch of the imagination, but I wasn’t feeling well, physically or emotionally, at that weight. In fact, I used that photo in a post in which I shared my lament about my weight.

In April, after eight months of exercising 3 times most weeks and eating better (most of the time), I weighed 130. My weight has dipped just a smidge since then a couple of times, but my body seems to be happy at 130.

I feel GREAT!

I’m looking pretty fierce, too.


And, best of all, I’m happy.


Happy is good… Hooray for “happy”!

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