My nephew Francis turned 6 today

Francis, 1 day old (January 9, 2005)

He was born at just under 32 weeks gestation.


Francis, 11 weeks old (March 2005), and me


Francis, about 20 months old (September 2006), and me


Francis, November/December 2008 (from a post about his 4th birthday)


Francis, December 2009, and Toby (the next time I saw Francis after September 2006)


Francis, Fall 2010 (1st grade — he skipped kindergarten: smart boy!)


Today is his 6th birthday.

How did he get so big? My sister says he looks like he’s about 13 in this photo, and I have to agree.

And, I should be an aunt again this summer. Francis and his new brother or sister will be 6 1/2 years apart.

Happy birthday, Francis. I love you.

2 thoughts on “My nephew Francis turned 6 today

  1. lceel

    A belated Happy Birthday to you, Francis. And Aunt Reba …. I like the way that sounds. When I was a kid, Joey, that lived next door, had an Aunt Reba. She taught him more bad habits … ah, but that’s not you, now is it? No. That’s not you.


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