Last week, I did NOT go out of town…

Over at MckMama’s blog is Not me! Monday, where we share with each other all the things we DIDN’T do over the last week.

For instance, I did NOT go to Chicago for work. My first night there, I did NOT hurt my foot while walking on level ground. Two nights later, I did NOT bang the snot out of my knee while getting out of a cab. NEITHER my foot NOR my knee still hurt.

When I got home on Wednesday, I did NOT promptly get a sore throat, which I kept to myself until Saturday morning, when my sore throat had turned into a full-flown cold. As a result, I did NOT stay in the house all weekend. NOR did I stay home from work today.

But if I had gotten a sore throat and then a full-blown cold, no one would blame me for going back to bed, right? Oh good. Off I go. I think I’ve been up for about 30 minutes, so it’s time.

Now go visit My Charming Kids to see what more people are NOT up to.

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